In the Quiet of Her Heart - Songs of the Blessed Virgin Mary

by Thomas Jones

Released 2007
High Water Music
Released 2007
High Water Music
More peaceful and beautiful solo piano music from Thomas Jones, featuring songs that celebrate Mary, the Mother of God.
In this collection of favorite songs, new and old, that celebrate the life and spirit of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Thomas Jones offers music for prayer and meditation. The title piece is his instrumental reflection of the uncertain feelings that gave way to total trust and faith in God, that Mary found in the quiet of her heart. In faith she said “YES” to God, and still unceasingly urges us to give our worship to her son Jesus, the Son of God.

Taizé – Magnificat ~ O Sanctissima ~ Ave Maria (Schubert) ~ On This Day, O Beautiful Mother ~ Bring Flowers of the Rarest ~ Mother Dearest, Mother Fairest ~ Ave Maris Stella (Hail, Star of the Sea) ~ Sing of Mary ~ Hail Mary, Gentle Woman ~ Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod) ~ In The Quiet of Her Heart ~ Mary, Did You Know? ~ Taizé – Magnificat (Reprise)

Thomas Jones, in his own words:
"I have played piano since childhood in a rich and wide-ranging music career. From fancy country clubs to jazz clubs and society soirees, from dusty dives and rowdy saloons, from concert halls to recording studios, to exciting years playing ragtime on steamboats up and down the Mississippi River system. It is an amazing experience. I am blessed to know many incredible people and enjoy countless treasured friendships.

There is another side of my music. Through the years there’s rarely been a time I haven’t played in church on a regular basis. I have always been in awe over the great and powerful ways that music brings us closer to God. To play before the Lord has always been my delight, and a fulfillment beyond words.

My music ministry is based in the choir loft of St. Mary’s Church in Orono, Maine, where, for the past dozen years or so it has been my privilege to play a beautifully restored Estey pipe organ. It is here, and also on the recordings of my 'peaceful piano music' that you will hear the music of my heart."

Peaceful Music for Prayer and Relaxation

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and familiar liturgical and classical music played on acoustic piano